Middelheim Museum invited fashion designers Bernhard Wilhelm and Jutta Kraus to select artworks from the collection and show then in the Braem pavilion. The fashion designers are renowned for their surprising combinations and collaborations. For Middelheim they picked works from different movements and periods that together still form a balanced whole. Together with Pieter Boons I took care of the scenography of the exhibition, and I helped on coordinating the realisation.


role : assistant-coördination and production exhibition during internship w/ Pieter Boons, Heimat & Sara Weyns
client : Middelheim Museum
curator exhibition : Menno Meeuwis
year : 2012
photographer : Joris Ceasar & Esther Jongsma
copyrights : Middelheim Museum, Bernhard Wilhelm & Joris Casear
text : Evelyne van der Neut

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 I've spend part of the week in Antwerp, where I work as a freelancer to develop exhibitions for the Middelheim Museum in collaboration with Pieter Boons. Middelheim is an open air museum with a fixed collection of around 400 works. More than half of these sculptures, mostly from the period of 1900 until now, is on display in the green museum park. Apart from this permanent exhibition, the museum invites renowned artists to confront themselves and their work with the museum’s collection and environment. Coordinating and realising these temporary exhibitions is my primary responsibility.