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               Studio Plott - Rudy & Mireille                www.studioplott.com

               Studio Plott - Rudy & Mireille


                VANTOT - Esther & Sam                 www.VANTOT.com

                VANTOT - Esther & Sam


                Meester Kox - Jorrim & Terry                 www.meesterkox.nl

                Meester Kox - Jorrim & Terry


      Gerard Jasperse,       Remy van Zandbergen &       Adriaan de Man       www.gerardjasperse.nl       www.adriaandeman.nl      www.remyvanzandbergen.nl  

      Gerard Jasperse,
      Remy van Zandbergen &

      Adriaan de Man





               Nacho Carbonell                www.nachocarbonell.com

               Nacho Carbonell


Design Dinners throughout DDW17


Collapse into your favourite designer’s studio at the end of each day throughout Dutch Design Week for an intimate dinner and titillating conversation.  This year Sectie C will take you behind the scenes into current takes on the future of food and eating culture alternatives.


The contemporary and unavoidable burden of design is the pressure to build a better, fairer and more friendly future.  Food designers must tackle changing agricultural and environmental realities; they must try to penetrate a distribution system that makes little sense, and they must never lose sight of the social bonds eating creates across all cultures. 


Product designers play a pivotal role in this evolution – storage, vessels, rituals and utensils must all keep up with how food in the future will be grown, prepared, distributed and consumed.


For DDW17 a selection of seven Sectie C designers will explore this future connection between product and food design with a series of evening dinners that predict what group meals might look and feel like in 2050. 


Food design studio The Eatelier, creative chef PIPPENS and product designers Studio Plott, Meesterkox, VANTOT, Nacho Carbonell, and Hal G will alternately host two events each evening.  Guests will be invited into each designer’s studio to experience the atmosphere, working methods and people who make each of the studios thrive. 


Dishes served will explore what it takes to meet nutritional standards minus certain foods that will either become impossible to readily access or which are eventually eradicated from diets for health reasons.


There is no better place in Eindhoven to wind down after a hectic day of design observations.




5.30 pm and 8.00 pm

75 euros (including alcohol)




5.30 pm and 8.00pm

75 euros (including alcohol)


Zaterdag 21 oktober - 17h30 - Nacho Carbonell

Zaterdag 21 oktober - 20h00 - Hal G: Gerard, Adriaan en Remy


Zondag 22 oktober - 17h30 - VANTOT (sold out)

Zondag 22 oktober - 20h00 - Plott


Maandag 23 oktober - 17h30 - Meesterkox

Maandag 23 oktober - 20h00 - VANTOT


Dinsdag 24 oktober - 17h30 - VANTOT

Dinsdag 24 oktober - 20h00 - Meesterkox


Woensdag 25 oktober - 17h30 - Hal G

Woensdag 25 oktober - 20h00 - Plott


Donderdag 26 oktober - 17h30 - Plott

Donderdag 26  oktober - 20h00 - Gerard


Vrijdag 27 oktober - 17h30 - VANTOT

Vrijdag 27 oktober - 20h00 - Meesterkox


Zaterdag 28 oktober - 17h30 - VANTOT

Zaterdag 28 oktober - 20h00 - Nacho Carbonell


Zondag 29 oktober - 17h30 - Meesterkox

Zondag 29 oktober - 20h00 - Plott