VANTOT is the collective title for the works of Esther Jongsma and Sam van Gurp. Both Eindhoven based designers graduated at Design Academy Eindhoven. Operating from The Netherlands VANTOT focuses on autonomous product design and commissioned work. 


In 2014, Esther Jongsma (1990, Utrecht) and Sam van Gurp (1990, Breda) launched their own design studio called VANTOT. Esther and Sam both graduated from the Design academy Eindhoven in 2013-2014. Esther is outgoing and looks at her designs from a broad perspective: "I love to work with many people from different disciplines". Sam, in many ways, is the polar opposite of Esther and focuses on business development to the tiniest detail. Besides that, he is a real creator and a technician who loves to deal with progressive design questions. The designs of studio VANTOT all encompass a certain complexity. For example, the pendant lamp series Exploded View and Limpid Lights. These series allow for the adjustment of the intensity of light and colour by moving the light source in the hood. Besides that, there is the Passage Carpet that creates intriguing optical effects by means of an intricate geometric pattern of layered wood as you walk by. According to Sam, who is often inspired by engineering works and ingenious movement mechanisms, the studio likes "to experiment with movement and new interpretations of familiar features". Furthermore, as explained by Esther, VANTOT aims "to involve the user differently”.

Sam van Gurp (Breda, 1990)

Esther Jongsma (Utrecht, 1990) 




VANTOT focuses on the experiment in the design proces, the workshop is one of the key elements of the studio. This is the place where an idea takes shape, where a basic sketch or idea can be converted into samples or working prototypes. In our opinion a good idea not only arises just in your head or behind the computer; the workshop gives you the chance to dive fully into a subject; how does it look? how does it work? how do you make it yourself? So we can add an extra layer to the idea. Later, these may be optionally carried out in serial production elsewhere. This is in our opinion the ideal way to achieve and deliver a product. 


Our workshop is located at Sectie C, Eindhoven. The old industrial site offers a creative breeding ground where a workplace can grow, creatives can work together and the lines within different disciplines can be kept short. Sectie C provides different experts in woord, ceramics, metal, graphics to collaborate with. The studio works on commission, but is also working on their own collections to sharpen their design philosophy thought new discoveries.