Parasite Proposals

Parasite Proposals is a spatial design that is easy to build up and down and is flexible to move every time without having to renovate a place. The design makes use of the space without affecting it and at the same time depending on the property; without the property, there is no construction.  A nomad travels from place to place and settles in unfamiliar places in familiar surrounding: his tent. Why could we not apply this nomadic behavior in another context, such as a city?  Where the camping fields will be replaced by vacant buildings. Parasite Proposals focuses on the time a property is vacant and actually navigates itself as a flexible mechanism through the ‘offerred’ buildings. In this way, it benifits unoccupied spaces but also keeps the place alive. Because the whole adapts easily to the space, it can take various forms , it provides a flexible and temporary use of spaces and create new opportunities. The project is designed to the vacancy Veenhuizen, but the theme reaches further.


Veenhuizen, a village consisting of characteristic monuments of the ‘Maatschappij van Weldadigheid’ which include a large amount that can not find a user. Some property will remain empty for only a few months while the other sometimes are vacant for years. By mapping the vacancy rate in Veenhuizen, the necessity of the question; “What will we do with the premises which remain empty ?” became insightful. The monuments in Veenhuizen gives this theme an extra dimension; there are strict rules regarding the construction and renovation of monuments. This means that the building is not to be affected by temporary use. Which in many cases also applies to normal ‘ anti-squatting ‘ rules. This is an immediate requirement for the design question. The theme vacancy is a theme which is not only limited to veenhuizen, this project also tries to overlook the theme at a more global level.



Year: 2014

Design : Sam van Gurp

01       Bankenbosch
02       Block  A and B 
03       Block C and D
04       Block E and F
05       Block G and H 
06       Block I and K
07       Block L and M 
08       Block N and O
09       Block Barrack
10        Pumphouse
11         Fleddervoort
12        Reformed church
13        Roman Catholic church
14        Supermarket
15        Grain drying barn
16        Nauwgezetheid
17        Geestkracht
18        Management hotel
19        Fire Station

20      Coach house
21       Coach house 2
22       School
23       Workshop
24       Old bus shelter
25       Old bus shelter
26       DetentionHaulerweg
27       De rode pannen
28       Detention Oudegracht
29       House
30       Esserheem
31        Vrede en Recht, House
32        Fire tube house
33        Waiting house
34        KazerneMarechaussee
35        Quarantene Huisje


The system consists of a base, beams and textiles that can be combined modularly.  The design uses no screws or other attachment techniques, but instead clings like a parasite in a space leaving no traces when it is removed. The beams are positioned against the base at an angle and are held together by a rope. This let’s the structure support itself, but is reinforced by textile that is wrapped around it, enclosing the space. This way you can transform a bald or dilapidated space quickly into a snug space. The systems are versatile and can create various possibilities . It can transform into a dressing room for a store setting, an enclosed workplace or even a room/tent to sleep in for a pop-up hotel. In the catalog, we find all the possibilities .