Esther Jongsma graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with her work 'Passage' in 2013. In this collection, old and new techniques meet. The traditional craft of patterned wooden floors and wood inlaying is translated to the modern technique of laser cutting. Initially, the 'Passage Collection' included a carpet and a room divider. Later, the collection expanded with a table, side table and a plateau.


The work reflects Jongsma's fascination with barriers and tresholds, focusing especially on the process of passing and overcoming them. When you approach the room divider or walk alongside the carpet, the pattern changes. Whereas a barriernormally is static, here it mirrors the movement of those approaching it. As a room divider, 'Passage' functions as an actual treshold, partitioning a room into different areas. As a carpet, the work puts up a barrier in the room: do we still step on the carpet when it's made out of a different material than we're used too, or does its three dimensionality limit our moving space? 


Year: 2013

Design : Esther Jongsma
Photo : Lisa Klappe, Studio
Text : Evelyne van der Neut

Passage Carpet & Roomdivider 03
Carpet 200x300x05 cm
Roomdivider 03 100x250x04 cm