Prior to developing these sinks, Esther visited the Royal Bellfoundry Petit & Fritsen in Aarle-Rixtel (the Netherlands). Bells are casted in a two-part mould, which allows for great control over both the in- and outside of the bell, necessary because the shape determines the sound it will create. To produce these enormous bells a large space is needed, as well as gigantic equipment and a great amount of metal. Because of increasing secularization, there is less and less demand for bells. Therefore, bell foundries are looking for other ways to use their knowledge, material and space. 


Sink is a collection of sinks designed by Esther. The designs are inspired by the hollow space on the inside of the bells. If you turn the bells over, their shape suddenly resembles a large sink. By staying close to the original shape of the bell, it is only necessary to make a few adjustments to the production process. The sinks are made of stone instead of metal, which is why they look like the initial moulds instead of the bells. 


Year: 2011

Design : Esther Jongsma

Assigned by Scholten & Baijings

Cooperation : Petit & Fritsen(
Photo : Studio