Sunseeker is a proposal for a (street) light installation at the Victoriapark in the city center of Eindhoven.

The park functions as a route from the city center to Strijp direction. In our vision, we would like to emphasise this by making a line of sight in the park: A street light installation. 


Multiple Light objects will seek for the lightest places in the park to collect solar energy in an effective way. The objects will be equipped with a light sensor to avoid shades from trees, buildings and clouds. In this way we hope people get conscious of this movement and the way collecting solar energy works and how this could be integrated in all day objects. In night time the lights can be used for another interaction: the route will be your guideline in te park and will provide a pleasant scene of floating lights like lampions. Also the lights could track people walking in the park and provide an interaction like: Changing the intensity of light, or change color when somebody walks by. This way we create an installation which is an experience by day- and nighttime. 

22017_solliance_presentation  copy.001.jpeg


We will develop an Module. This way we can scale up the project as much as we like. 

To start we will investigate with Solliance how we can shape the PV on top of the module in a logic and aesthetic way. We will research and experiment with cutting and perforating the PV to get a more refined solar panel. The backside of the PV inspired us to use it as a reflector / diffuser for the LED. Also we will investigate the movement of the module with a mechanical engineer to get a right and “hufterproof” movement. 


role : Proposal design
client : Gemeente Eindhoven & Solliance
year : 2017
animation : Lody van Ackerlin

2017_solliance_presentation  copy.001.jpeg
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